LOOKING FOR YESTERDAY, by Alison Jay, Candlewick Press


How can tomorrow ever be as good as yesterday? Boy doesn’t think it can be and puts all his scientific knowledge to use, trying to work out how to go faster than the speed of light and make time go backwards. His grandad discovers him exploring the garden looking for wormholes, a possible shortcut back to yesterday – and reassures him that tomorrow will hold great experiences, which will become new treasured memories.

Out 2017

32 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Love the cover! The artwork is so sweet.

This author/illustrator is a true visionary. I enjoyed this story and can see it appealing to young readers. Time is explored as are the importance of memories and looking forward to the future.

There are parts of the book, however, that focus on older minds’ topics like the speed of light. Therefore, I’d recommend an older reading group for this one. Thankfully, the accompanying illustrations help the author convey meanings and understandings.

The boy in this book is adorable with his quizzical mind. He’s a true nerd in the making! The introduction to science shown throughout the pages makes me wish such things existed when I was learning to read. Fun and fascinating is how I’d categorize this book, perfect for ages of five to eight, maybe nine.  Since topics like wormholes and time travel are mentioned, it’s great to have Grandpa put some perspective on the MC’s racing mind, keeping the MC grounded.

Love this book and its approach, illustrations and the stability that grandpa offers (he’s cool too–rides a motorcycle!)

I give this book:


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