WE’RE GOING ON A BEAR HUNT: CHRISTMAS ACTIVITY BOOK, Candlewick Entertainment, Candlewick Press


There’s so much to make, do, and discover in the countdown to Christmas! Fun facts about the weather, winter, animals, and Christmas traditions. Easy-to-follow recipes, seasonal crafts, and color-in sticker activities. Inspiring ideas for how to get involved during this magical time of year.

Out November 2018

32  Pages Approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

A fantastic book for kids to start the season off with. Plenty of crafts and activities to keep them busy while mom and dad wraps presents. The hands-on activities, jokes and mazes, sticker fun will provide hours of entertainment.

The activities include:

  • Filling in the Christmas scenes with your stickers for colouring.
  • Reading jokes to each other from the book.
  • Spotting animals outside.
  • Making a Christmas Cake suitable for birds (this is excellent!)
  • Craft your own wreath, snowflake chains, Christmas cards, shooting stars and table setting name cards.
  • Charting the weather waiting (hoping!) for snow.
  • Cooking almond polar bear shaped snacks and other Christmas shaped treats.
  • Paper games including a word search, maze and party game.

This book is similar to others in the same series, such as: “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Let’s Discover Bugs,” and “We’re Going On a Bear Hunt, Lets discover Birds.” The theme of this book is less on wildlife, and more on Christmas! There’s a variety of activities to complete and a few pages need you to finish the pictures by adding stickers found at the back of the book. Recipes, noise makers and games to play are also included. Puzzles including a word search and mazes are included to keep up the festive fun.

A great book to begin the holidays with!

I gave it:


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