HIDE AND SEEK, by Katie May Green, Candlewick Press


The mischievous stars of Seen and Not Heard climb out of their paintings for another nighttime adventure in this gently spooky bedtime story.

A midsummer moon shines on Shiverhawk Hall, where portraits of children come alive on the wall. As night falls, the playful painted residents wake up for another Gorey-esque rhyming caper. When the DeVillechild twins are nowhere to be seen, the other children escape their frames in search of two girls in white dresses — and, possibly, a midnight game in the garden. Out in the night air, through the maze, and into the woods they go, looking for their mysterious friends. Will they be able to find the twins before the sun rises? Charming and eerie without ever being too scary, Katie May Green’s second tale is perfect for Halloween story times and bedtime read-alouds after a long day of play.

Out July 2019

32 Pages Approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

What a brilliant concept! This author/illustrator came up with an idea that I haven’t seen before and I found it extraordinary. The illustrations accompanying the idea made everything come together perfectly! I want to see more about this strange house with a secret. And what a secret! This book will be both intriguing and exciting for young readers.

I can see this book winning an award for its originality. I won’t give away too much but I can’t say enough for the well thought out plot, the lovely illustrations that helped to carry the story along and everything else about it. The only thing I didn’t really like, was the cover. But that was so tiny a dislike, I didn’t count it.

Brilliant, extraordinary and perfect fun for young readers!

I gave it:


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