FIFTH WAR: GOOD COMPANY, by Dale Lucas, Orbit Books, Hachette Book Group


Humans, orcs, mages, elves, and dwarves all jostle for success and survival in the cramped quarters of Yenara, while understaffed Watch Wardens struggle to keep its citizens in line.

Now, Rem and Torval must escort a notorious thief through a dangerous forest to the nearby city from where the thief escaped. But the thief’s companions are waiting, and the soldiers Rem and Torval travel with might not be so honorable.

Out August 2019

480 Pages Approx


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

I highly recommend you get books one and two in order to understand this remarkable world Dale Lucas has created as well as understanding who is whom and how he’s created the characters you’ll need to understand for this book, book three and to go forward. You’ll want to go forward with this series if you are a true fantasy book lover.

This world of Lucas’ is truly amazing. He’s filled that world with an array of incredible characters and added a final perk of a human and dwarf team in a corrupt police department for this world.  He takes these characters through a twisty, turning plot of deception and action. I love the usage of police procedural in this highly diverse world. There’s a lot of interesting and fun interaction between the two main characters that I loved. I want more of them.

I will continue to read this series since I’ve invested a lot of time in enjoying these unique characters in a world of so much possibility.

I gave this book:


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