MIGRATIONS OPEN HEARTS OPEN BORDERS, Candlewick Studio, Candlewick Press


by International Centre for Picture Book in Society, Various (Illustrations), Shaun Tan

In a show of strength for migrants during a daunting time, more than fifty artists from around the world have created postcard images of birds, along with messages of hope. Featuring an introduction by Shaun Tan.

From Mexico City’s Natalia Gurovic comes a jewel-toned bird opposite the words “From up here I see no borders.” From P.J. Lynch comes a seabird with the artist’s personal wish for a safe journey and an openhearted welcome. From Argentinian illustrator Isol comes a child borne aloft on a bird below the words “Life is movement.” From Jon Klassen, a sparrow, familiar and extraordinary. Sending a powerful message about human migration, more than fifty artists created postcards for the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava 2017, curated by the International Centre for the Picture Book in Society. From South Africa and Sweden, Chile and the Czech Republic, Iran and Indonesia — more than twenty-five countries in all — their images and words are now gathered into a stunning keepsake volume.

Out October 2019

112 Page Approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is an extraordinary book. It’s full of some of the most incredible artwork by reputable artist, illustrators for children’s books, and shows the talent of all in a compact, richly portrayed coffee table book. (In my opinion. I’d have it on my coffee table–wait, I do!)

The book features fifty postcards sent to illustrators for children’s books focusing on a emotional topic, the solidarity of migrants. This movement surrounds the plight of children and their families fleeing for their lives from places frought with poverty, murder, mayham, rape, and other atrocities.

The one common element they sought in fleeing– safety.

Meant to be inspirational and thought-provoking, the postcard format highlights the illustrators’ multiple talents with short tidbits of expression from migrants/refugees found on the facing page. Here you will find some very enticing and heart-warming thoughts that is sure to pull on heart-strings and give pause for thoughts.

I gave this book:




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