A gripping, historical fiction, murder mystery. When Clayton Lovell Stone’s estranged girlfriend, Tracy Griffith, ends up murdered — two men bludgeoned to death in the process — and Stone receives a belated bloodied postcard with a manuscript page attached, he follows the trail of her killers and unearths a conspiracy hatched four hundred years ago to disguise the true authorship of the Shakespeare plays and keep the Queen on her thrown and the true author’s neck attached to the rest of his body. From Stratford-On-Avon, to the Shakespeare theater at Oxford University, to the tombs of Westminster Abby in London, Stone becomes immersed in the intrigue and tangle of a four-hundred-year-old Shakespeare conspiracy, and in a current conspiracy to keep the old one secret. This present day murder/mystery/adventure centers around actual historical evidence that Shakespeare was not, in fact, the author, and that the four-hundred-year-old conspiracy described actually happened.

Out August 2019

390 Pages approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is hefty book full of a lot of information to digest. If you like historical mysteries like the Da Vinci Code, then you will enjoy this book. Historical context is embroiled throughout the pages of this well-researched fiction, as well as a treasure-seeking atmospheric overtures that keep the adrenalin flowing, the tension tight and the adventure, breathless.

Bruce Hutchison has produced a fantastic page-turner that will keep the reader in the story’s grip until the  very end. Part of a series, this book can stand on its own with a bit of character overlay to keep things clear for the reader. Incredible setting development transport the reader to event locations with details in well-written narrative.

Engaging and fast-paced; filled to the brim with information and adventure; gorgeous settings, descriptively convincing and accurately drawn… all are a promise of a series that will simply continue to grow.

I gave this book:


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