NANCY’S GENIUS PLAN, by Olivia Jaimes, Andrews McMeel Publishing


Follow Nancy’s Genius Plan to sneak a sweet treat in this delicious and devious board book!

Nancy has a genius plan: sneak through the house without disturbing anyone and enjoy a warm piece of Aunt Fritzi’s delicious cornbread. But it’s not quite as easy as it sounds! In this entertaining, heartwarming, and lightly interactive board book, children will delight in helping Nancy carry out her genius (and delicious!) plan.

Out October 2019



I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

This board book is full of great colorful illustrations that help to carry the story forward. This story is a subtle and entertaining tale about sharing without preachy overtures. Nancy wants something all for herself, but once she has it, realizes that the getting is not so much the enjoying. It’s good to see Nancy back in action again.

Bright and colorful illustrations fill the pages and inventive antics promise to bring about a few belly laughs. This is a book that best would be truly appreciated if read with a parent the first of so time.

There are interactive pages that pull the reader into the story. Some words are a bit harder than others, like delicious… so I would recommend this book for an older age range, 3 to 6, and would be perfect for readers who struggle or special needs older kids who read at a younger level.

I gave this book:


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