MY PET SLIME, Book One, by Courtney Sheinmel & Renee Kurilla, Andrews McMeel Publishing


Piper Maclane wants a pet so badly, but she’s allergic to everything. So she creates her own . . . out of slime! From Epic! Originals, My Pet Slime is a sweet, slimy series about a girl who makes the most of a challenging situation and is rewarded with a bit of magic!

Piper wishes she could have a pet to care for and snuggle with and take to school for show-and-tell. All of the other kids have one. But she’s allergic to every animal imaginable! So instead, she makes her own pet out of slime, with big eyes, a little mouth, and two arms just long enough for hugs. It would be the perfect pet for Piper, if it were real. When a strange turn of events brings her slime to life, Piper learns how fun, challenging, and messy it can be to care for a pet . . . especially one made out of slime!

At the back of the book, learn about real-life slime and follow the recipe to create a “pet” of your own!

Out September 2020

160 Pages approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Slime is a huge thing for kids today. Our neighbor kids make their own so it was great to see the recipe at the back of the book for making slime.  A great early chapter book/reader, full of a bit of science space dust, friendships, and zany fun. Imagine creating your own pet from slime and by adding a bit of space dust to the mix, your little creation comes alive. Just that alone would be enough for me to read this new series, full of exciting and lively characters, many relatable moments and adventure to keep the pages turning.

This book is full of cute illustrations in full color and compliment the story. The print is large and the sentences not too long. This is a great book for those little readers who are just beginning to read longer stories.

Promising to get creative imaginations going, this new series will surely please those in grades two and three, to even grade four. It can be read by both boys and girls.

I gave it:


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