CAN YOU SEE ME? by Mikhala Lantz-Simmons, Mohammad Rasoulipour, Andrews McMeel Universal


Engage the imagination and teach animal recognition with this carefully designed, interactive picture book for curious children.

Using abstract art, Can You See Me? challenges the mind and celebrates diverse ways of seeing. Each spread contains an illustration of an animal made up entirely of equilateral triangles. Read the clue and wait for your child to spot the creature hidden in plain sight. Chances are, they will see the animal before you do!

Out October 2019

40 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

At first I didn’t like this book as I skimmed through it. I wondered where on earth did this illustrator come from? Then I studied the artwork carefully and discovered several things that I found astonishing.

The illustrator uses abstract art to challenge the child’s mind allowing them insight into a rather unusual artform not popular with everyone. The concept of this book introduces the use of equilateral triangles, bringing a glimpse into math using shapes. Finally, the animals hidden in the abstract shapes created with the use of equilateral triangles gently prompts children to think outside the ‘box’ of what is construed as ‘normal,’ activating creative juices and original thinking. Brilliant!

The written text accompanying the illustrations leaves clues, puzzles needing solving in order to identify which animal is drawn using the above. This is a great book for parent/child reading and solving! Not your traditional animal identifying book!

Definitely, you will find a new way of solving boredom by bringing this book out to read. It’s engaging and ingenious!

I gave it:



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