THE DOG WHO LOST HIS BARK, by Eoin Colfer, Illustrated by P.J. Lynch, Candlewick Press

A warm, uplifting story about a boy, his dog, and the healing power of music marks a first-time collaboration between two former Irish Children’s Laureates, Eoin Colfer and P.J. Lynch.

Patrick has been desperate for a dog of his own for as long as he can remember, and this summer, with his father away, he longs for a canine friend more than ever. Meanwhile, in his short doggy life, Oz has suffered at the hands of bad people. Somewhere out there, he believes, is an awesome boy — his boy. And maybe, when they find each other, Oz will learn to bark again. Illustrated in light charcoal by two-time Kate Greenaway Medalist P.J. Lynch, this heartwarming story by Eoin Colfer, internationally best-selling author of the Artemis Fowl series, is certain to enchant.

Out September, 2019

144 pages approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This book is steeped in emotional and heart-breaking subject material. A story that could be reality in this day and age written in a fictional pretense. When you place a little puppy, mistreated and afraid; and, a small boy, lost and confused, together, you get a story that will twist your heart.

Words like heart-breaking, heart-warming, sad, happy-ending, and touching describe this book perfectly and the illustrations by award winner, P.J. Lynch, hand-drawn and expressive, completely compliment this Chapter Book reader for ages 7 to 10.

When you take an abused puppy and pair it up with a boy who really, really wants a dog for the right reasons, then you have a winning story full of hope, love and trust.

I gave this book:


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