KOALA IS NOT A BEAR, by Kristin L. Gray, Illustrated by Rachel McAlister, Sterling Books


Where does Koala belong? Find out, in this sweet story of friendship and family—with fun facts about marsupials thrown in.

It’s Koala’s first day at camp, and she thinks she’s found her place in the Bear Cabin—until know-it-all Kangaroo comes along and tells Koala in no uncertain terms that she is not a bear. Koala points out all the ways in which she resembles her new friend, Grizzly, but Kangaroo just isn’t buying it. As Koala tries to find her place, alert readers will recognize clues about where Koala belongs. Using humor and fun illustrations, this engaging story will reel kids in and leave them with a satisfying ending.

32 Pages

Out May 7, 2019


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is a great book for children who struggle to fit in. It teaches them that they are like others in many ways and sometimes different, but it’s okay to be different. It also teaches children to stop trying to be like everyone else just to fit in and be happy with who you are.

Love the illustrations which are big and bold, not to mention cute as can be. I think the illustrator complimented the story well and helped drive forward the messages. Lots to see on each full colored page. Large print easy for reading.

Nice size for little laps with identical cover art on both hardcover and book jacket.


I gave this book:


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