Barry Award-winning author E. J. Copperman is back with the tenth hilarious installment in his national bestselling Haunted Guesthouse mysteries.

Haunted Guesthouse proprietress Alison Kerby and her ghostly guest detective, Paul, “auto” know better than to dig into the case of a long-buried sedan and its now-skeletal driver.

Innkeeper Alison Kerby is determined to keep her mind, body, and soul focused on bringing high-spirited hospitality to her lodgers at the Haunted Guesthouse. She simply has no time for any more murder investigations, no matter what Paul Harrison, her resident ghost detective, says.

But this time, the mystery comes looking for Alison. Workers unearth a 1977 Lincoln Continental buried in the sand behind Alison’s guesthouse—and they discover a skeleton still belted in behind the steering wheel.

Paul, of course, is on the cold case—to the extent that a ghostly gumshoe can be—but Alison is still determined not to do the incorporeal investigator’s legwork. Not this time. But her new husband Josh is intrigued, and he offers to help Paul poke into the case of the cold Continental. Uh-oh…has Josh caught the investigation bug? It’s a harsh wake-up call for a harried businesswoman who’d thought she’d told the detective life to hit the road.

What can go wrong? How about everything? As Alison dodges stray bullets, discovers a gun in the guesthouse, and reluctantly probes a decades-old murder that turns out to be shockingly relevant even today, her specter inspector tries to keep her spirits up. But as she searches for the key to unlock the case, is Alison headed for her final check-out? Make a reservation to find out in Bones Behind the Wheel, the tenth fun-filled Haunted Guesthouse mystery from national bestselling author E. J. Copperman.

approx. 334 pages

Out January 8, 2019


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is book #10 in A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery.  I must confess, this is the first that I’ve read of this series.

E.J. Copperman must be quite the character. The sense of humor all throughout the book is delightful! How can you not want to read about a ghost detective, a car found buried behind your house with the driver still in it and a murder mystery that needs solving.

Sure the main character thought she was done with detecting but that doesn’t mean her new husband can’t step up to the plate. Antics, and pure zany moments keeps this book moving along at an enjoyable pace.  I loved the cover and artwork, in fact, it’s what drew me to the book in the first place.

I thought I might have trouble with this book since I’ve not read any of the others in the series, but nope that wasn’t the case!  I love the fact that this author actually co-wrote a book with himself but under a different pen name. That made me laugh.  In fact, I found myself laughing a lot while reading this book.  I think I’ll just have to hunt up all the rest of the series and play catch-up!

I gave this book:


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