I’ve made changes to my submission policies for indie authors. I am not accepting e-book review request until the end of December 2020 for February, March, and April 2021 reviews.  I am still accepting editing requests. I am accepting (book) copy review requests. Contact via email: for querying either one.

Please note the following guidelines if you are querying me for review purposes:

I DO NOT review romance books. I do review books with a romantic angle.

I DO NOT review westerns.

I DO NOT review horror.

I DO NOT review poetry.

Queries that do not follow submission guidelines will not be reviewed.

Go Here to read.

I am now taking on any new clients for editing purposes for the end of October and November. Email me if you are interested. This is a paid service. I charge $3.00 per page for a minimum of 60 pages. After which I charge $4.00 per page 60 to 120 pages, $5.00 per page 121-400 pages.

*note: manuscripts over 400 pages will incur an additional charge.


Printed copies only for manuscripts over 200 pages. I also accept galleys and ARCs.





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