Best friends Irma and Siiri are relieved when they can finally return home, but things have changed in the retirement home . . . Sunset Grove is under new management, a sinister organisation that promises spiritual enlightenment in return for donations from its residents. And the staff seem to have disappeared, replaced by technology that remotely takes care of all of their needs, if only they could work out how to use it . . .
The Lavender Ladies are increasingly suspicious of the new order and plan an elaborate act of sabotage. But their last hurrah has some drastic consequences – will the Lavender Ladies get more than they bargained for? Irma and Siiri go out with a bang in The End of Sunset Grove, the conclusion to Minna Lindgren’s Lavender Ladies trilogy.

339 Pages

Out June 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

So here we have the third and final book to “The Lavender Ladies Detective Agency” series. This is an English translated series. I’ve read all three books of this series and I’m very happy to say that my mother, who is 82 is now reading them.

What a ride! Age meets technology, and by age I mean two protagonists aged 97. Our lovely ladies, Irma and Siiri are back at Sunset Grove retirement home, but things have changed.  All the renovations are complete and the smart-building left behind for all the elderly to navigate is almost impossible for them to understand and use properly.  If that isn’t enough, there’s a new owner, a religious sect determined to alleviate the elderly of Sunset from their money. Irma and Siiri have decided to take on this new challenge and do so in their quirky, hilarious ways.

I absolutely loved this series. It’s refreshing to see elderly protagonists facing off against a realistic antagonist, by handling their predicament in a way only these two ladies can. Their dependence on each other and their friendship makes them the perfect dynamic duo for the situation.

I gave this book and the series a huge:


five star rating


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