Out August 2018

Too much to manage and not enough time or energy to do it? Join the club. Life is a pressure cooker and, more and more, being overwhelmed is just considered normal. But, truth be told, life’s stresses and circumstances aren’t the boss of us. What if we could take Overwhelmed and diffuse it–or, better yet, reframe it to good?

Author, blogger, and mother of five Kay Wills Wyma has learned that if we’re going to be overwhelmed by anything, let’s have it be Truth with all its grace, hope, peace, and love. In this freeing book, she shares how to confront life’s pressures we face–at home, online, at work, in our relationships, on our calendars–and replace all those heavy expectations with the liberating truth that we were made for something better. Through her inspiring personal stories sprinkled with a dash of humor, she gives readers permission to step back, let go, and find fulfillment and freedom in a life lived in light of eternity.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

I had mixed feelings about this book.  For the typical family stressed out over typical family events, I suppose this book would indeed be a great read and inspiration or resolution to all their troubles.

I don’t live a typical life. Not in the least. Those things that overwhelm others are not “issue” for me, and in fact, are blessings compared to what I face day to day, and compared to what I’ve had to deal with in my adult life to date. Now, now, I’m not saying my troubles are worse than others, and my overwhelming stresses are ‘more important’ and that there’s an issue with typical lives and living. No, I’m not saying this at all.  

I truly get that others experience stress and stressors in their lives that could easily overwhelm them and cause them concern and/or pain.  I’m not saying I’m some kind of super hero either, I’ve lived and learned like everyone else out there–maybe lived a bit more and learned buckets worth of useless experiences to say the least.  I’ve just chosen a different path that has taken me on a different journey… one not many typical people could or would tolerate.  It’s all about choices. And I’ve made some doozies…

So when I read this book, for me, I found that some of the advice was kinda similar to telling someone to put a band-aid on a gushing wound and hope for the best.  The band-aid advice just doesn’t cut it for me.  Instead of fixing the issue with thought from the positive realm, I’m more of a take action and get the bloody thing lanced kinda gal.  Forget the positive thinking, just get er done for crying out loud.  No chants of don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today, bs, just action. Cut the thing from your life like a gangrenous wound, and toss it to the curb…

Okay, okay… enough of that.

I think for many, this book would offer the right inspiration without being preachy. So perhaps the best thing that I can say is pick the book up and give it a whirl, because it might hold all the right answers to all those overwhelming questions hanging like an infestation out there.

I gave this book:

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