OLIVER ELEPHANT, by Lou Peacock, Illustrated by Helen Stephens


When Noah goes Christmas shopping with his mom and baby sister, he’s glad to have his toy elephant, Oliver, along in the boring shops. They play peekaboo and hide in a dolls’ house, and Noah even dances Oliver across the displays. But just as Mom has checked off the last thing on her list, disaster strikes: Oliver is nowhere to be found! And the department store is VERY big. Will retracing their steps be enough to reunite Noah and his beloved toy elephant?

Out October 2017


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

The world just got a bit cuter thanks to Lou Peacock! What a beautiful, large picture book, hardcover, with simply beautiful hand drawn artwork.  A holiday story about a little boy’s love for his favorite toy during an outing with mom and baby sister. The story tells of an adventure told in verse, seen through the eyes of a child, in a tone set for a young reader.  Just a warm and fuzzy holiday read.

The artwork is bright and colorful, lots to see and discuss, and plenty of fun for young readers.  I just love this book!

I gave it:



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