HALF SPENT WAS THE NIGHT: A WITCHES’ YULETIDE, by Ami McKay, Knopf Canada/Penguin Random House


Beloved author Ami McKay is back, bringing us a magical follow-up in the tradition of Victorian winter tales to her mesmerizing bestseller, The Witches of New York .

During the nights between Christmas and New Year’s, the witches of New York–Adelaide Thom, Eleanor St. Clair and the youngest, Beatrice Dunn–gather before the fire to tell ghost stories and perform traditional Yuletide divinations. (Did you know that roasting chestnuts were once used to foretell one’s fate?)
As the witches roast chestnuts and melt lead to see their fate, a series of odd messengers land on their doorstep bearing invitations for a New Year’s Eve masquerade hosted by a woman they’ve never met. Gossip, dreams and portents follow, leading the witches to question the woman’s motives. Is she as benevolent as she seems or is she laying a trap. And so, as Gilded-Age New York prepares to ring in the new year, the witches don their finery and heard for the ball, on the hunt for answers that might well be the end of them.

Out October, 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

So here it is, the sequel to Ami McKay’s “The Witches of New York.”  If you loved the characters from this book, then you’ll love what she’s written in her sequel to it.

It was a pleasant surprise seeing this sequel and having many of the loose-ends from “The Witches…” wrapped up neatly with creepy autumn vibes.  Finding a few recipes thrown in throughout the book  was an added bonus. The world and characters were written to feel so realistic and perfect.  I enjoyed immersing myself into the story and can only complain about the fact that it was too short, I wanted it to go on and on.

I think the only complaint others may have is that it’s too short.  I like many others, am hoping for a full length sequel to this stepping stone.

I gave the book:



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