THE LADY OF TARPON SPRINGS, by Judith Miller, Bethany House Publishers


Much to the dismay of her Greek family, Zanna Krykos makes a living as a lawyer in Tarpon Springs, Florida. When her friend Lucy needs legal advice about the business she inherited upon her father’s passing, she ends up asking Zanna to run the business instead so she can focus on her medical career.

Nico Kalos is a Greek diver who has worked on sponging boats in the Aegean Sea since the age of 14, giving him a vast knowledge of the trade. When he hears of an opportunity to lead a group of spongers to the United States, he seizes it. But his excitement is quickly quelled when he arrives only to discover that a young woman with no experience in the business will be in charge of the new crews.

But as Zanna and Nico face even more complications than they could have imagined, they must learn to work together or risk everything they’ve worked so hard for.

Out July 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Wow… this book is so immersive thanks to the experience writing style of the author. Her ability to describe setting and events draws you in as a reader making you feel like you’re living the moment with the main characters. The characters were well flushed out, developed expertly with a skill that makes you commit to them by either liking them completely, or hating them vigorously.

The story is full of information that isn’t dumped on the reader in sporadic spurts but eased into delicately and with a precision that makes every plot event successful and complete.  Lots of twists and turns along the way to keep you turning pages, and an interesting relationship between Zanna and Nico. You’ll love their interactions.

There was a confusing introduction of minor characters that really didn’t hold any precious stake in the story and although the writer wanted to keep the reader’s eye on the ball, so to say, I think it would have been better to leave the lawyer/client thing out of the story altogether and perhaps just refer to her “work” that would clearly show her profession.  Where the lawyer/client part comes in, it felt like it was just thrown in for kibbit’s sake.

Anyway, still fantastic, love the author’s voice and the characters and oh the setting and descriptive narrative was perfect.

I gave this book:



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