ANNEX, THE VIOLET WARS, by Rich Larson, Orbit Books


In Rich Larson’s astonishing debut Annex, only outsiders can fight off the true aliens.

At first it is a nightmare. When the invaders arrive, the world as they know it is destroyed. Their friends are kidnapped. Their families are changed.

Then it is a dream. With no adults left to run things, Violet and the others who have escaped capture are truly free for the first time. They can do whatever they want to do. They can be whoever they want to be.

But the invaders won’t leave them alone for long…

This thrilling debut by one of the most acclaimed short form writers in science fiction tells the story of two young outsiders who must find a way to fight back against the aliens who have taken over her city.

Out July 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Was it just me or was there this “Fallen Skies” vibe fringing on the outer parameters?

Anyway, action-packed and fast-paced. Full of strange alien conflicts and personal human interactions.  An excellent concept although a bit familiar somehow.  I read this book in one sitting and couldn’t put it down until I turned that last page.

Love the character development and the different POVs thrown in. Anything to do with aliens, alien invasions and alien warfare… and I’m in!  I love science fiction, but, I’m also very, very picky about which ones I prefer to read.  Poor and stupid endings send me over the bend, lol, and I end up ranting about how the 1960 effect of leaving ’em hanging, just doesn’t cut the cold cuts anymore.  A fully developed, smooth sailing and equally satisfying ending is a MUST!

Larson did well with this.

However, the beginning of the story seemed lacking in setting up the story.  Not much is known about the aliens by the children and in turn by the reader so you’re forced to fill in a lot of blanks with assumptions.  The action scenes are very well-written. Moving, exciting and interesting.  Overall, a great debut novel. I will continue to follow this author to see what he’s writing next!

I gave this book:


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