THAT’S NOT HOCKEY, by Andree Poulin, Art by Felix Girard, Annick Press


The legendary goalie who revolutionized the game of hockey.

Young Jacques Plante’s way of playing hockey may look different from everyone else’s. Instead of a puck, he uses a tennis ball, and his shin pads are made out of potato sacks and wooden slats. But that’s not going to stop him. He loves the game.

Jacques is drafted by the Montreal Canadiens in his mid-twenties. Fans love the unstoppable goalie as he leads his team to one victory after another. But there’s a price to pay: pucks to the face result in a broken jaw, broken cheekbones, multiple stitches, and even a skull fracture.

One day, Jacques has had enough. He goes on the ice wearing a fiberglass mask. The coach orders him to take it off.

Finally, at a game against the Rangers, when yet another puck hits Jacques square in the face, he puts his foot down. He will not continue to play unless he’s allowed to wear a mask.

Young hockey fans will enjoy this story of Jacques Plante, whose determination and love of the game brought about a revolutionary change to how it is played.

Out September 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

When I saw this book, I just had to get it to read and review.  I am such a Jacques Plante fan and I remember sitting and watching the game with my dad during a time when hockey was really, really good. There was skill and puck handling that made you cheer and watch in awe.  Now, it’s fist fights and body checking to hurt, high sticking and using any means to maim or knock out your opponent. Anger has no place in the game but it’s getting worse and worse.

Okay rant over… this book…

I absolutely love the artwork, the main character (Jacques) is just adorable. This is a wonderful story about Jacques’ love of hockey and how he took his love forward to become an amazing icon for the sport, and a great hero for young lads everywhere.  He also ushered in safety precautions and equipment for goalies and players after receiving several injuries himself from hockey pucks hitting his unprotected head.

I think this is a great story for kids today, a way to remember a great hockey player and how he started off just like all the other little boys who loved hockey enough to pursue it completely, heart, body and soul.

I gave this book:


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