STARS UNCHARTED, by S.K. Dunstall, Penguin Random House


A ragtag band of explorers are looking to make the biggest score in the galaxy in the brand-new science fiction adventure novel from the national bestselling author of Linesman.

Three people who are not who they claim to be:

Nika Rik Terri, body modder extraordinaire, has devoted her life to redesigning people’s bodies right down to the molecular level. Give her a living body and a genemod machine, and she will turn out a work of art.

Josune Arriola is crew on the famous explorer ship the Hassim, whose memory banks contain records of unexplored worlds worth a fortune. But Josune and the rest of the crew are united in their single-minded pursuit of the most famous lost planet of all.

Hammond Roystan, the captain of the rival explorer ship, The Road, has many secrets. Some believe one of them is the key to finding the lost world.

Josune’s captain sends her to infiltrate Roystan’s ship, promising to follow. But when the Hassim exits nullspace close to Roystan’s ship, it’s out of control, the crew are dead, and unknown Company operatives are trying to take over. Narrowly escaping and wounded, Roystan and Josune come to Nika for treatment–and with problems of her own, she flees with them after the next Company attack.

Now they’re in a race to find the lost world…and stay alive long enough to claim the biggest prize in the galaxy.

Out August 14th, 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.  So here goes…

A standalone with the promise of a second book that will carry forward characters and plot events, this book will both fascinate and hook the reader with its adventures and fun.

A true space opera if ever you’ve read one. Filled to the hilt with so much going on, including drama and twists and turns surrounding strong female leads.  Excellently developed, these leads grow steadily from beginning to end leaving you with wanting more from them.  And there’s a promise that you’ll get exactly that!

I loved the intricate characters, both unique and well developed, all the creatures originally created; I loved the setting, world building is at its best and how the story-line moves along with fast-pacing and creativity.

There’s corporations to battle, politics to corrupt, and adventures galore. Action writing is bang on and breathtaking, and the in-depth exploration of character inner struggles is well-formulated and never dull/boring.

I loved this book and look forward to the next.

I gave this:



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