DAD’S CAMERA, by Ross Watkins, Illustrated By Liz Anelli, Candlewick Press


A moving portrayal of love and loss captures who — and what — we leave behind once we’re gone.

One day Dad comes home with one of those old cameras, the kind that uses film. But he doesn’t take photos of the regular things people photograph. He takes pictures of his keys, his coffee cup, the objects scattered on his desk. He starts doing a lot of things that are hard to understand, like putting items that belong in the fridge in the cupboard and ones that belong in the cupboard in the fridge. In a sensitive, touching tale about losing a family member to a terminal illness, Ross Watkins and Liz Anelli prove that love is the one thing that can never be forgotten.

Out October 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is such a touching story. The illustrations were done so well that I found myself lingering on the pages often.

This is a story of illness, loss and how a camera played an important component in remembering good memories.  The author, Ross Watkins, wrote a short dedication at the back explaining why he wrote this story and how his own personal experiences prompted him to complete this project.

I recommend this book for children who witness parents and/or grandparents suffering from Alzheimers. Excellent illustrations accompany and enhance the value of this story.

I gave this book:


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