ANIMAL CAMOUFLAGE, SEARCH AND FIND, by Sarah Dennis & Sam Hutchinson, Princeton Architectural Press


In a world where majestic creatures soar, scatter, prance, and pounce through beautiful natural habitats, astounding discoveries and fascinating facts are waiting to be discovered in this beautifully designed book, which combines intricate paper-cut art with hidden-picture fun. Sarah Dennis’s incredible paper-cut illustrations bring to life seven wondrous regions of the world (Africa, Asia, Europe, Polar Regions, North America, South America, Australia) offering to young readers the opportunity to become intrepid explorers as they uncover native animals hiding in treelined jungles, still deserts, and watery depths. Each animal is described with brief facts that make Animal Camouflage both informative and entertaining.

ISBN: 9781616896263


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Can we say gorgeous cover??!!

I love the art in this book! Stunning paper-cut outs used in the search and find exercises are perfect for the youngest of readers. Bright and colorful, simply beautiful art with a nice spin on the usual “search and find” books that are seen all over.  These books will stay with you over time as a nice collector addition to your child’s library.

With a helpful legend, that doesn’t exactly match the pictures, your child will spend several minutes finding “similar to” animals in the coordinating  paper cut-out beside it.

I loved this book and gave it:

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