SCARLET and IVY, THE WHISPERS IN THE WALLS, by Sophie Cleverly, SourceBooks/Jabberwockykids



When the walls begin to speak, it is unwise to ignore what they have to say…

At the bidding of their cold-hearted stepmother, twin sisters Scarlet and Ivy are sentenced to board for a year at Rookwood School. The headmaster is cruel, the hallways are drafty, and there seems to be a thief afoot. When the finger of suspicion is pointed at Scarlet, she’ll do whatever it takes to clear her name–including some late-night detective work. But in the darkness of Rookwood, mysteries of the past come to light. The walls are talking of secrets past, and it’s up to Scarlet and Ivy to listen to their story…


I received this book in exchange for my honest review. What an interesting series for middle-grade children. This book has alternating perspectives and more mystery that wasn’t focused on so much in the first book.   There are more questions that need answering and the twins are about to find the answers.  Ivy’s character develops nicely, understanding her inner self more and becoming more active rather than passive.  Scarlet, is strong, overbearing and her character is not very likeable but I think that is the point, considering what happens to her in book one.

You definitely should read the first book before this one.

This is an enjoyable series and the writing improves with each book.  I look forward to the next!

I give this book:



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