MUTTS GO GREEN, EARTH FRIENDLY TIPS AND COMIC STRIPS, by Patrick McDonnell, Andrews McMeel Publishing

Mutts Go Green is a special kids’ collection of the popular comic strip MUTTS, featuring themes of ecology, environmental friendliness, and animal education.

This special collection of MUTTS comics for kids includes eco-friendly lessons on how to keep the environment clean and ways to help create a greener future for our furry friends and future generations. Mutts Go Green draws on Patrick McDonnell’s 25-year career of writing and illustrating heartwarming comics starring Earl the dog, Mooch the cat, and a host of other adorable animal friends. 

Out: March 2021

174 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

I love Patrick McDonnell’s work, especially his ongoing Mutts comic strip. It is great to see his book about Earth-friendly tips using his well-known strip to encourage people to take better care of our planet. Topics like factory farming animals, dying bee populations, being kind to animals, deforestation, pollution, global warming and others, are wisely approached with messages laced with a bit of humor to keep such topics age appropriate.

I think this is one of my favorite Patrick McDonnell’s books not just because he addresses many environmental issues dear to my heart, issues I’ve incorporated into my new business for special adults, but because he targets children. Using his well-developed Mutt characters, he mixes humor with very serious issues to appeal to younger minds. In doing so, he manages to be clear and focused in his efforts.

The introduction at the beginning of the book is directed to young readers preparing them for the subject matter. He then brilliantly creates his comics taking apart each issue carefully so as not to overwhelm young minds. With a titch of humor and funny antics, he successfully gets his concerns across. Throughout the book, he uses quotes from Dr. Seuss, Pope Francis, Dr. Jane Goodall, Sai Baba, Albert Einstein, and others… McDonnell makes suggestions for how to keep things Green throughout the book. I especially love his artwork of the tiger and lion…

I highly recommend this book to all school libraries and even as a book to use for Earth Day; and, for teachers as a teaching aid when discussing issues about our planet. Although meant for children, this is such a great book, I would recommend it to adults as well. Is there really an age discrimination for topics like these

A perfect book for parents who wish to address these important issues that will affect their children and their future.

At the end is a brief summary about McDonnell and Goodall’s connection and a little about Dr. Goodall herself. The Mutt’s Manifesto is excellent and would make a great poster for classroom walls. What better way to conclude a book than to have McDonnell address his reader once again with a thoughtful message.

I gave this book:

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