GARGANTIS, by Thomas Taylor, Illustrated by Tom Booth, Walker Books US/Candlewick Press

Librarian’s note: This is an Advance Reader Copy Edition for ASIN: B07X9YDY2M.

In the second fantasy set in Eerie-on-Sea, Herbert and Violet team up to solve the mystery of Gargantis — an ancient creature of the deep with the power to create life-threatening storms.

There’s a storm brewing over Eerie-on-Sea, and the fisherfolk say a monster is the cause. Someone has woken the ancient Gargantis, who sleeps in the watery caves beneath this spooky seaside town where legends have a habit of coming to life. It seems the Gargantis is looking for something: a treasure stolen from her underwater lair. And it just might be in the Lost-and-Foundry at the Grand Nautilus Hotel, in the care of one Herbert Lemon, Lost-and-Founder. With the help of the daring Violet Parma, ever-reliable Herbie will do his best to figure out what the Gargantis wants and who stole her treasure in the first place. In a town full of suspicious, secretive characters, it could be anyone!

Out May 2020

336 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is a sequel to Malamander.

Oh Wow! This is such a fun, action packed book with great characters and fun monsters. You know the author has talent when he can use imagery to let the readers see everything unfold clearly and as though they were part of the adventure. This book is just as well-written as the first. There are a few illustrations that add to the story. The plot races along diverted by sub-plots here and there just to keep things interesting. Tension builds relentlessly and the conflict is prickly and exciting.

The characters are the best. You just fall in love with both of them and cheer them on. The only thing I wonder about, is the size of the books, claiming to be a chapter book but they’re sooo thick. At least all the pages in the middle are necessary and not just filler or fluff. For eight to twelve year olds, but adults would enjoy this duology too.

I gave it:

Five golden rating star vector illustration in white background.

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