400 MINUTES OF DANGER: Countdown to Disaster, by Jack Heath, Sterling Children’s Books

Brilliantly Written… Captivating Fun… a Thrill Ride You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Ten life-or-death situations. Ten brave kids. Ten linked stories. Each ordinary hero in this thrilling middle-grade adventure collection has only 40 minutes to escape!
Brad has fallen into a lion enclosure, and the big cats are hungry. Charith has to take the wheel of an out-of-control bus after an explosion. Tak’s class trip to an army base is interrupted by an experimental military robot that’s hunting them. How will they save themselves? This fast-paced short story collection stars everyday young heroes who must fight to survive . . . with only 40 minutes to figure out how to escape! Kids will be on the edge of their seats following these ten linked stories—even as a clock on the margins of every page counts down the seconds.

Published November 2020

192 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Like a great big puzzle all spinning and looping together in a complicated yet exhilarating roller coaster ride full of suspenseful twists and turns that keeps the reader engaged and looking for the next puzzle piece to fall in place. Wildly imaginative, full of volcanos, giant mosquitos, runaway vehicles, dinos, and bad guys, this story challenges kids to solve their situations or…

Love the challenges, and Heath’s creativity. He spins amazing situations in ten short stories that connects characters together like a spider’s web. Great story for both middle grade readers and adults. Lots to enjoy: tension filled scenes, suspenseful twists and hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Highly recommend this book to all.

I gave it:

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