MAMA NEEDS A MINUTE, by Nicole Sloan, Andrews McMeel Publishing

From Nicole Sloan, founder of the Weird Mom Club—an inclusive Internet space for nonconforming moms—Mama Needs a Minute is an affirming, entertaining book for moms and toddlers to share. All about balancing a mama’s needs with those of her kiddos, this sweet story teaches that love can look a lot of different ways. For kids, the book is a gentle introduction to concepts of self-respect and setting boundaries, and for moms, it’s a reminder to practice self-care.

Out February 2020


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This board book is for ages 0-3 years of age.

I have to admit right off from the start, that I didn’t enjoy the illustrations at all. I had hope for this book but was turned off by the illustrations. The story touches on a sensitive topic about mommy needing time for herself too and that even mommy gets tired, has needs.

Raising a special needs child, I can truly testify that this is an important message for young children to realize that mommy is human and gets tired and overwhelmed. There is nothing wrong with this. This book must be read with mommy explaining things not explained in the story. There were times that I didn’t agree with the wording of this book and how it was put forward to such young minds to understand.

I think there’s room for improvement. I gave this book:

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