A DAY FOR SKATING, by Sarah Sullivan, Illustrated by Madeline Valentine, Candlewick Press


In a sweet rhyming tale, a young child’s first skating adventure on a frozen pond ends with a cozy bedtime story.

Tap and step,
then slide and turn.
Whoops! Fall down.
That’s how we learn.

On a brisk winter’s day, the frozen pond is crisscrossed by figure skaters, hockey players, new skaters, and old pros, all gliding across the ice. It’s time to bundle up, lace your skates, and give it a try — then head inside for cocoa and snacks when your cheeks grow rosy and your toes are cold. Back at home, warm bedtime rituals make for the end of a perfect day. But when darkness falls at the pond, who will come out to skate?

Out November 2019

32 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is such a sweet rhyming winter book celebrating spending time with family and friends skating outside on an outdoor pond. It brought memories back as I read it and I’m sure it will parents as they read it to their child, or while children read it snuggled in their beds before bedtime.

Lots of colorful artwork accompanies the story to help give heart-felt visuals to the wording. The illustrated characters are adorable and I really enjoyed the style and humor seen on the pages. Reminds me so much of my dad’s rink he made for us when I was first learning to skate. Great memories and a lovely book to remind me of them all.

I gave it:



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