SLEEP, HOW NATURE GETS ITS REST, by Kate Prendergast, Candlewick Press


All animals sleep. But do they dream? Facts inspire imaginations in a beautifully illustrated nonfiction picture book for curious young minds.

Some animals sleep alone. Others sleep in packs. Some slumber at night, and others prefer the daytime for getting some z’s. Whether large or small, familiar or unusual, all animals must find a way to get some rest. Did you know that giraffes sleep standing up? That sloths sleep upside down? Or that fish sleep with their eyes open? Take a close look at the sleeping habits of meerkats, bats, horses, birds, and other animals around the world in a book for young nature enthusiasts that is certain to spark a sense of wonder.

Out September 2019

32 Pages Approx.

I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

A beautiful collaboration of stunning story and artwork by this author. Each illustration is gorgeous and shows what the sentence is saying in perfectly matching pictures/word presentation. I love the tiger on the cover and most of the animals drawn inside the book. Prendergast is a force to be reckoned with. Her talent oozes from the pages in subtle and distinct strokes of the brush.

This book is both entertaining and informative and about a topic not often addressed–sleep. It’s a refreshing take on how wildlife sleeps in the wild. I love this book and happy to see a book jacket with identical art on it that’s also on the hardcover underneath. Informative and educational, little readers will find this book intriguing and wanting to learn more. Its large size is perfect for little laps to balance the book on while enjoying a great journey of discovery by flipping pages. Excellent wording for first time readers, or great for being read to by an adult.

I gave this book:


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