DUCK! by Meg McKinlay, Illustrated by Nathaniel Eckstrom, Candlewick Press


A delightfully duckish tale of farmyard disaster.

It’s a quiet day on the farm until Duck arrives. When he starts calling out “DUCK!”, the other animals think he’s just being rude. “You can’t just run around yelling out your name!” they grumble.

But what if that’s not what Duck means at all? Perhaps ignoring him could have unexpected consequences …

This hilarious picture book begs reading aloud and active participation.

Out July 2018

32 Pages Approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

I absolutely love this book! The MC is such an adorable farmyard character. In this book  the littlest one has something big to say, and no one is paying attention. They all have their own thoughts that they feel are more important! Just like humans. The author gives a wonderful importance to the youngest voice that adults should pay attention to more. Humor and fun escalates with double meanings and funny situations. Adult animals who refuse to listen, soon learn their mistake!

The story shows that even adults can make mistakes. It also shows that kids can have important things to say, and that whatever it is, could be very, very important to adults. I love the irony!  So cute and brightly illustrated with fun characters to bring the story to life. I turned the pages wanting to know how it ended and can imagine the youngest of readers doing the same. Adorable and silly, with an important message. Illustrated perfectly to deliver the final ‘punch.’

There is a matching book jacket to protect the hardcover illustrations.

Well done!

I gave this book:


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