THE BROTHERHOOD, The Brotherhood Chronicle 1, by Tejas Desai, Self-Published, The New Wei


The first volume of Tejas Desai’s international crime trilogy The Brotherhood Chronicle is an electrifying multicultural thriller told at a breathtaking pace.

Niral Solanke, a down on his luck private investigator living in New York City during The Great Recession, is trying to redeem himself from a life of sin by rejoining a conservative Hindu religious organization called The Brotherhood. But when his childhood friend Priya Mehta dies mysteriously, he is tasked with investigating her demise. As he probes her boyfriend, wealthy financier Vishal Patel, her brother, Hindu fanatic Amrat Mehta, and a wide variety of characters including visual artist Lauren Juvonich-Adams and African-American custodian Lance Portman, he realizes nothing is as it seems as he is drawn into a netherworld of crime, corruption and religious fervor.

This second edition contains many additional features, including a preface by the author, a note from the copyeditor, a detailed map of New York City, a list of characters, an updated Glossary of Hindu Terms, a study guide, trivia questions and a peek at the upcoming second volume, The Run and Hide, tentatively set to be released in September 2019.

265 Pages

Out September 2012


I received  this book in exchange for my honest review.

What a well-written, intriguing not to mention engrossing story. Each plot point pulls you along building tension and drawing you into the life and goals of the main character. Characters are fleshed out perfectly, layered and flawed with excellent detail that makes you like or hate them instantly. Story paces well and sub-plots enhance not detract from the main plot. A great mystery with the promise of more like it to come as the series progresses.

This author also wrote The Human Tragedy literary series here.

More regarding The Brotherhood series can be found here

This is a self-published author who is on a great journey to becoming so much more.

Looking forward to reading more from this author.

I gave this story:


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