THERE’S ONLY ONE YOU, by Kathryn Heling and Deborah Hembrook, Illustrated by Rosie Butcher, Sterling Books


Celebrate your individuality with this picture book that honors all the wonderful things that make you . . . you.
“A picture-book celebration of individuality and diversity. . . . Affirming and welcome.” —Kirkus

“In all the world over, this much is true:
You’re somebody special. There’s only one YOU.”

This feel-good book reassures kids that, whoever and whatever they are, it’s awesome being YOU! Expertly written to include all kinds of children and families, it embraces the beauty in a range of physical types, personalities, and abilities. Kids will love discovering and recognizing themselves in these pages—and they’ll feel proud to see their special qualities acknowledged. Adorable illustrations by Rosie Butcher show a diverse community that many will find similar to their own.

Out May 7, 2019

32 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

This is a sweet picture book about self-esteem and teaching to value your importance in the world. This illustrations are done well and compliment the story, pushing the plot forward to its satisfying conclusion.

There is a good unfolding of the point the authors are making, steady paced and lots to see as you turn the pages. Bright and colorful, filled with lots to take in. This book teaches the young reader that each and every person is special, and that there is no wrong way to be just because you may like something different when compared to what someone else likes. Every difference is valuable, unique and yours.

I love the message, and the writing and illustrations that convey this message creatively and beautifully.

I gave it:


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