THE ANCIENT CELTS, by Barry Cunliffe, Oxford University Press


The archetypal `barbarians from the north’, the Celts were feared for their ferocity in battle and admired as skilled craftsmen. For two and half thousand years the Celts have continued to fascinate all who have come into contact with them. THE ANCIENT CELTS presents an absorbing account of the tribes whose origins and identity still provoke heated debate. Exploring the archaeological reality of the Iron Age inhabitants of barbarian Europe, Professor Cunliffe traces the emergence of chiefdoms, patterns of expansion and migration, and the development of Celtic ethnicity and identity.

Out September 1999


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

The writing is academic and centers on archeology since the author is an archeologist. The best feature is the illustrations, photos and plates and the blurbs explaining the contents of same.  Very informative book focusing on many things including religion, artefacts and other opinions from outer sources where applicable.

If you’re looking for a thorough book on the Celts, then I would highly recommend this book.  Things covered in this book include:

Visions of the Celts

Constructing the Historical Celts

In the Beginning–5500-1300 BC

The Atlantic System: 1300-200 BC

West Central Europe and the Mediterranean: 1300-450 BC

The Migrations: 450-50 BC

The Communities of the Atlantic Facade

Celts and Others on the Eastern Fringes

Warfare and Society

The Arts of the Migration Period

Religious Systems

The Developed Celtic World

The Celts in Retreat

Celtic Survival


Also included in A Guide To Further Reading, Chronological Tables, Map Section, Illustration Sources and of course, an Index.

An excellent book for research use.

I gave this book:




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