SHADOW WARRIOR, by Tanya Lloyd Kyi, Annick Press


It’s 1558, and warlords across Japan are battling for territory and control. Into this setting, Tanya Lloyd Kyi weaves the stories of three people: Mochizuki Chiyome, a young woman determined to become a ninja whose plans are thwarted by an arranged marriage; Takeda Shingen (The Tiger), a fierce warlord seeking a new weapon to outsmart his enemies; and Aki, an orphaned tavern girl whose destiny is changed by a mysterious woman. As their stories intersect, the three characters become key players in an elaborate network of undercover female ninjas who will eventually shift the balance of power in Japan. Based on the true story of Mochizuki Chiyome and her all-female spy network.

Out September 2017


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

A historical fiction set in 1558 Japan… how more perfect could it get. Now add incredible artwork, never ending action scenes and a fast-paced plot and WHAM!


Strong-willed women pitted against traditions, a nasty warlord, and society… this is a story based on fact. I didn’t know if this was Mulan influenced or not, but once I started getting into it, I realized it’s nothing like Mulan.  The whole concept of a school for female ninjas who create a network of spies is fantastically intriguing.

The illustrations were fantastic and added quality and complimented the story perfectly.

This book would make a great graphic novel and probably do better in this format since it would reach an older middle-grade crowd. The author and artist could delve more into the legend, add even more actions scenes and lookout!

I love everything about it.

I gave it:


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