AN ABSOLUTELY REMARKABLE THING, by Hank Green, Dutton/PenguinRandomHouse


The Carls just appeared. Coming home from work at three a.m., twenty-three-year-old April May stumbles across a giant sculpture. Delighted by its appearance and craftsmanship–like a ten-foot-tall Transformer wearing a suit of samurai armor–April and her friend Andy make a video with it, which Andy uploads to YouTube. The next day April wakes up to a viral video and a new life. News quickly spreads that there are Carls in dozens of cities around the world–everywhere from Beijing to Buenos Aires–and April, as their first documentarian, finds herself at the center of an intense international media spotlight.

Now April has to deal with the pressure on her relationships, her identity, and her safety that this new position brings, all while being on the front lines of the quest to find out not just what the Carls are, but what they want from us.

Out September 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.


I love science fictions… this was not what I thought science fictions should be.

I love John Green’s books… Hank’s his brother. Sucks to be brother to a famous writer I would say.

Word usage… typical to genre.  Okay, there’s that most of the time, but seriously… April May… Carls… Carls? Why not Bobs or I don’t know, Jeffs? But Carls?

Okay, let’s set all that aside.  The Main Character…

<whistles> seriously? How can anyone like this character? I’m too busy hating her that I lose why she’s important to the story, which by the way, had a really great premise…

Structure of the book: blog et rant on society… tedious at times.

science fiction element: Carls… Carls?

The ending… <shaking head>

Did I mention I love science fictions?

With all the above removed, I liked the rest.

Book gets:



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