A BOY AND A HOUSE, by Maja Kastelic, Annick Press


What will the little boy find at the top of the stairs?

When a little boy sees a cat slip into the open door of an apartment building, the temptation is too great: he follows the cat into the lobby. Before continuing up the stairway, the boy picks up one of several discarded drawings that litter the floor.

Another open door awaits. Again, the boy follows the cat, this time into an apartment filled with books and toys. No one is there, but a table set for tea testifies to the fact that someone has been there recently. More drawings are scattered throughout, which the boy picks up one by one. With his pile of sketches in hand, he continues up several more staircases until he reaches an attic where a wonderful surprise awaits him.

The stunning illustrations in this wordless book invite the reader into a mysterious world that evokes the beauty of the past. Drawn by the light radiating from every open doorway, the boy lets his curiosity take him on an amazing journey of discovery, which young readers can elaborate with their own versions of the story.

Out September 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

For ages four to seven or grades pre-K to 2.

I found this book extraordinary with a huge message at the very end.  Children will be delighted with this solely illustrated book by Maja Kastelic, and the journey shared with them will conclude with a surprise ending.

The illustrations are brilliant and beautiful, the original story-line carried forward perfectly by the action drawn.  You have to get this book for your little one, you won’t regret it. It would make for excellent mommy and me time, or daddy and me time, where parents are telling their own version of the story as shown or even their child is explaining what he/she is seeing.

Beautiful, bold, gorgeous, talented, extraordinary, original and creative!

Love it!

I gave this book:


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