FRUIT NINJA, FRENZY FORCE, by Halfbrick Studios/Eric Owen, Andrews McMeel Universal



Sharpen your samurai blades and join these crime-fighters in their thrilling, fruit-filled adventures. You know the game—now it’s time to learn the whole story presented in an action-packed graphic novel.

From humble beginnings rise four Fruit Ninjas, ready to rediscover the long-lost art of Juice Jitsu. Their mission: to unlock hidden powers through the slicing of fruit and to protect their neighbors from everyday villains they weren’t even aware of! With a juice stand as a front for their crime-fighting missions, the ninjas grow to learn that it is what makes you unique (and even a little bit weird) that ultimately makes you strong.


I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review.

This book is about kids with powers and an abundance of sarcasm. Also a video game, which is really popular, and yup, they’re soon going to make it into a movie! If only it was as simple as slicing fruit to gain powers… but you gotta love the concept… and if you don’t, it doesn’t matter, because kids will love it.

The tangy feats: Pomegranate Power Pound and the Brutal Berry Backspin Blast are just the beginning of the adventure involving four kids: Seb, Niya, Peng, and Ralph; and, their rediscovery of the long lost art of Juice Jitsu, while protecting Peelville.

Evil villains, slicing fruit for gaining powers, quirky characters, action and adventure, cheesy humor, great illustrations, bright and fun… it’s got it all!

I gave this book:



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