The book describes the pagan origins of Scandinavia, the interaction between the Vikings and other Europeans, and the concept of time in Norse mythology, and gives a dictionary of deities, themes, and concepts. With 200 entries of up to four pages each, the dictionary includes both well-known characters like Thor and minor figures such as Gleipnir, the “fetter with which the wolf Fenrir was finally bound.” It also includes further references about Viking and medieval Scandinavia, archaeology, etymology, the conversion of Iceland, other encyclopedias, and more.


I’ve been using a lot of Norse Mythology books over the years for many reasons. The first being my research into my genealogy. Since discovering I’m a descendent of Eric The Red, a historical Viking, I’ve been engaged in finding everything I possibly can both about those fated Norsemen of old and how history connects to my heritage. Secondly, I’ve used various mythologies, as substance for my own writing for the last twenty years and finding excellent resource materials is always a personal goal.

That is why I’m so excited about this particular book! It’s full of incredible information and perfect for any writer on the subject. I can’t gush enough about it! Sure, I’ve found many books over the years that didn’t quite add up to what I’d call a good resource and read more like fiction than non-fiction with little evidence to back up the content. THIS book does and does it really well.

I highly, highly recommend John Lindrow’s work. Check it out!

I gave this book:




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