THE DAY SHE DISAPPEARED, by Christobel Kent, Sarah Crichton Books/Farrar, Straus and Giroux


From the bestselling author Christobel Kent, a high-strung, bone-chilling, heart-stopping plunge into the desolate byways of England’s Essex, in search of a missing barmaid named, Beth.

Some say Beth’s disappearance was to be expected. She’s a rural barmaid from Cornwall, a fly-by-night party girl who can’t be trusted. There wasn’t really anything to keep her at the Bird in Hand, they said. But her best friend, Nathalie, doesn’t buy it, not at all. Doesn’t believe Beth would just vanish like that. Neither does the old lush Victor. He has seen something . . . something important . . . but he can’t quite remember what . . .

Christobel Kent’s psychological thrillers have been called “terrifyingly good,” “perfectly paced,” “addictive,” “tense, dense, extremely well-plotted and beautifully written.” Her most recent, The Loving Husband, was an international bestseller, and it is in no way hyperbole to declare The Day She Disappeared her very best. It is as brutally unsettling as The Loving Husband, but even more complexly detailed and surprising; as claustrophobic and atmospheric as The Crooked House, but even more heartbreaking in its truths.

Kent has been compared to such masters as Daphne du Maurier and P. D. James. With The Day She Disappeared, a new crop of writers will be compared to Christobel Kent.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Kent’s writing style may not be for everyone. It has a unique approach to the murder in that we are taken on a journey for answers along with the Protagonist and there is hardly any police involvement, and absolutely no forensics conducted.  It’s a search for truth that a friend desperately needs to learn. I found the plot flowed, transitioning from one plot moment to the next smoothly.  This is mostly a plot driven story, however, there are a few strong character developments involved.

You’re given a lot of suspects and learn right away that not everyone can be trusted.

A few topics were present that left me uncomfortable–domestic violence being one and the ill-treatment of women in general. I think some may find this too sad and caution the reader to consider this before reading.  With that said, I absolutely loved Victor! It was great seeing a feisty ninety-year old giving the murderer a run for their money!

Overall, I would say that this book certainly is an emotional read and while you’re on an emotional roller coaster ride, you do make it to a startling conclusion and wrap-up of the story perfectly.

Filled with great moments of suspense but it does begin as a slow burn. I love the short chapters and the wonderful (very worth it) ending. You do have a solid plot and the story is written from an interesting angle.

I recommend you give this book a try. I would love to hear what you think of it.

Meanwhile, I give this book:


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