FOX AND RACCOON, by Lesley-Anne Green, Penguin Random House Canada, Tundra Books, Children’s Fiction


The first in a new picture book series featuring sweet felted creatures and a little village you won’t soon forget!

Welcome to Juniper Hollow! Meet Fox and Raccoon. They are best friends. They live next door to each other, and they spend every day together. Except for today! Fox is so busy she doesn’t have time to play. But never fear–Raccoon is here to help! He mails letters, goes to the fruit stand, picks up some yarn and even buys some sugar. But Fox is STILL busy. Will she ever have time to stop and play with him? As it turns out, she has a surprise up her sleeve…

Lesley-Anne Green’s endearing felted animals and adorable detailed sets create a world that readers will want to come back to again and again.
Available Editions
ISBN 9781101917961
PRICE $17.99 (USD)


I received this eBook to read and provide my honest review.

This book is the product of a creative genius.  Using posable felt characters mixed in with yarn accents such as grass, and in using other materials for props and sets, the illustrations are an incredible concept brought to life by very patient and talented individual.

Although this innovative idea has been done before, mostly for television, I find the concept and story-line ingenious, creative, and bang on for young readers.

The time and patience it takes to pose and snap a photo, repose and snap a photo… and so on… I have to give this author a lot of credit.  Then, if you look at the characters; there has to be more than one model per character?? If not, then even more so, what a job! What amazes me the most are the eyes and how they change and look at each other.

The story itself reads like a script (for kids). It’s laid out in a slow-building smooth flow transitioning from one plot moment to the next. There’s an introduction to a mysterious feel that is perfect for young readers of early ages.  I absolutely love this book, the concept behind the book, the amount of detail put into the handmade illustrations and how everything is tied together in one neat pretty bow.

I give this book:

five out of five stars for the story and golden apple for the illustrations!


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