DR. COO AND THE PIGEON PROTEST, by Sarah Hampson, Kass Reich (Illustrated by), Hachette Book Group, Kids Can Press


Dr. Archibald Coo, an erudite big-city pigeon, is tired of the way people treat him and the other pigeons. They’re always being shooed and swatted, and they’re never admired the way the other birds are. As Dr. Coo tells his pigeon friends: ?It wasn’t always this way.? In ancient times, pigeons were known to accompany the gods. They brought news of the Olympic Games to all of ancient Greece. And more recently, they delivered messages and medicine to soldiers on battlefields. They were heroes! Surely, Dr. Coo reasons, pigeons can find a way to earn the admiration of people once again. And he’s got just the bold plan to do it.

Award-winning journalist Sarah Hampson’s picture book debut is a celebration of the diversity inherent in a big city and a lesson on how looking for the good in others is the best way to get along with them. Through her activist pigeons, she offers a child-friendly example of how to affect change, and shows how cooperation and compromise are the keys for diverse groups to harmoniously coexist — a topical subject. With soft lines and a warm palette, Kass Reich’s illustrations bring a fresh pigeon’s-eye perspective to New York’s inhabitants and cityscapes. This book could be used to spark classroom discussions on respecting differences, working out disagreements, or stepping up to counter injustice, all important subjects for the budding self-awareness and personal development of young children. It also aligns with character education lessons on self-respect, initiative and inclusiveness.

Sarah Hampson, Kass Reich (Illustrated by)
FRONTLIST  | On Sale Date: April 3, 2018
9781771383615, 1771383615
Hardcover Picture Book
$16.99 USD, $18.99 CAD
Juvenile Fiction / Animals / Birds
Ages 3 to 7, Grades P to 2
32 pages •


This is a very interesting book. I found the story well written and filled with interesting information that a child may appreciate. This book is at a level where it can be read with an adult or on its own by a young reader.

The illustrations are beautifully well done, creative and complimentary to the written story. The author’s idea that pigeons could protest against poor behavior from humans makes me wish this possible for all animals. The plot flows smoothly, and transitions well with well developed pigeon characters to keep things interesting.

A delightful read. I give this book:


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