ANNE’S COLORS, by Kelly Hill, Tundra Books/Penguin Random House Canada, EBook ARC



Picture Book

A must-have board book for Anne of Green Gables fans, with charming, hand-embroidered illustrations.

Iconic moments from the beloved L.M. Montgomery classic are celebrated in this adorable concept book. Artist Kelly Hill creates vignettes of the most recognizable scenes from Anne of Green Gables, including Anne and Diana’s first meeting, Gilbert pulling Anne’s hair, Anne’s puffed-sleeve dress and even Anne and Diana sharing raspberry cordial!

Each scene has its own color, with simple text and tactile, gorgeous works of art created from cut fabric and embroidery.

Part of a series of Anne concept books, Anne’s Colors is a perfect way to introduce future fans to this winning character.

ISBN 9780735262843
PRICE $7.99 (USD)


These adorable eBooks were provided to me by Netgalley to read and give my honest review.

I collect editions of Anne of Green Gables  by L.M. Montgomery, and this is what initially drew me to these books. I absolutely love this author and her work. Versions of her books have enthralled fans, for years.

I am focusing on “Annie’s Colors” for this review. This book concept, is a great way to draw in interest to L.M. Montgomery’s series.

The illustrations depicting a color of choice were interesting and pleasant to see on my screen. I would not know if actual fabric was used or if the illustrations were drawn to reflect fabric used except for the description telling me this. If fabric was used, then this touch-learn board book in printed format would be great for a very young reader.

However, the words used didn’t necessarily conform to the age requirements that this book was directed at.

If the illustrations were drawn to give the illusion of fabric being used, then the illustrator did a job well done for this eBook format, however, I wonder once again about the age of the group supposed to read this book because of the selected wording used, ie. “Twilight.” Perhaps, ‘dark’ or ‘night’ would be more age appropriate?

The concept is a good one, and the illustrations are very nice. As a parent, I would consider these things when purchasing.

Another area I would suggest to see such wonderful illustrations,  would be in the “notebook” or “journal” market, because writers would gravitate toward the sweet illustrations regardless of how they were presented. Anne of Green Gable fans would purchase them.

As you can see, an electronic copy of this book leaves little to be desired compared to the probable appeal a print copy would provide.  If this book is to sell as a kindle or in other eBook formats, I would suggest more attention governed toward which age group this is directed at and all the necessary needed detail in providing high definition illustrations and language appropriateness.

With the issues I found, in my opinion, some very serious for a child’s board book, I would have given this book a two star, but the illustrations are the main attraction here and won me over as to quality and talent, thereby giving another star.

Therefore, I give this book and it’s sister book, “Annie’s Numbers,” each:



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