THE SASQUATCH MURDER, by Jeffery Viles, Beaver’s Pond Press


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My thanks to Netgalley and Beaver’s Pond Press for the book to read and provide my honest review.


They’re out there, you know–those bipedal hominids commonly called Sasquatch.

This imaginative, tightly woven tale explains just how those creatures came to be traipsing around in the big trees…


This is a very nicely written story about a man shooting a Sasquatch female, “by accident” and the events that followed. The setting is a small town. The
The author’s voice pushed the story along through easy transitions and excellent story telling using narrative and dialogue well written and full of imagination.  I had my doubts that I would enjoy this book, but I was wrong. I was actually surprised with how well it was written.  The character development was organized, with the secondary characters pushing the Protagonist toward his goals.  At the climax, I expected the story to go one way, but it went another surprising road, leaving me smiling and baffled at the same time.  Would I call it a love story… not really. There are elements of love, but something more…
It’s an interesting concept. Although there’s been a lot of Bigfoot stories written, none have been written from this perspective. It was refreshing and enjoyable.
I give this book:


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