SILVER HAIR, by Lorraine Massey with Michel Bender, Workman Publishing Company


Out February 6, 2018

My thanks to Netgalley and Workman Publishing Company for the ARC to read and provide my honest review.

More women–in and out of Hollywood–are either going gray or talking about it. Silver Hair shows how to toss the bottle, take back the hours and dollars you spend on the colorist, and emerge a truer, more beautiful version of yourself.

Silver Hair will show you how to decide if you’re ready to give up the hair-color servitude, what method of going gray will be most comfortable to you, and how to keep your hair and total look beautiful and youthful. With photos taken of real women over one year of growing out their color, including author Lorraine Massey, you’ll see the various ways to grow out gray, from “all natural” – minus the skunk line! – to low-lights, silver streaks, a pixie cut, and dyeing your hair gray as your natural silver emerges. And in a section on “how to stay gorgeously gray,” you’ll find tips on caring for silver hair (complete with homemade hair care recipes) and how to complement your silver hair with clothing and makeup.

Along with the photos and techniques, there are dozens of stories of the amazing transformation these real women experienced–way beyond the hair on their heads: embracing new relationships, careers, and confidence.

Available Editions
ISBN 9780761189299
PRICE $16.95 (USD)


I think every woman worries about this at some point in her life, whether she is graying prematurely or later in her life when she is covering her gray roots.  I found this book rather fascinating to read, but for my life I cannot understand why some of these women preferred to look older than they actually had to. Sure, sure, some of you will say that not all look old and some even look great and I agree. I completely understand freeing up oneself from the costly dyeing and upkeep of hair, and how bothersome letting roots show can be.

I come from a family that is notorious for premature graying, mostly the men though. What I noticed that the book didn’t cover too much is that there are actually two types of graying. There is the snow white “graying” that my dad became early. It’s actually the nicer of the two. Then, there the gunmetal gray, that all it accomplishes is making a person look old. Plus, if you note, a lot of the women have amazing features, high cheekbones, bright eyes, lovely attributes that keep the woman looking relative young looking. What about those who are blessed with a rounder face, sagging jowls, what about them? Or, how about those with a few extra pounds? Trust me, gray is not flattering.

I think some gray with complimentary tones gray with black, gray with white, those looked fantastic. But not all of us have the skin tone for it.  While interesting and liberating, I think this book is somewhat unrealistic and fanciful. After all, not all of us are silver model worthy. Kudos to those women who did this and yes, with makeup artists and fashion experts, they do look just wonderful! But I think when my time comes, I’ll just think twice about doing the silver thing.

I give this book for effort:


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