PEONY, The Best Varieties for Your Garden, by David C. Michener & Carol A. Adelmen, Timber Press

Release Date: December 20, 2017


Peony features growing advice for one of the most beautiful and popular flowering plants. Enthusiastic home gardeners and peony collectors alike will learn the history of the plant, discover the different types of peonies available, and enjoy profiles of the best 194 varieties. Growing information includes details on climate, soil, light, planting, and water needs. Helpful lists detail the best peony varieties for specific needs, and a resource listing shares the best places to buy peonies and the best public gardens to see them in.
Available Editions
EDITION Hardcover
ISBN 9781604695205
PRICE $27.95 (USD)

Thanks to Netgalley and Timber Press for providing an ARC for me to read and write an honest review for.


Just for the photos alone, it would be worth the purchase of this book. However, there are many treasures found in this non fiction book about peonies. With the stunning photos showing an array of color and type of peony, you will also discover how easily adaptable peonies are and how they’ve often been passed down generation to generation. Floral designers love them.

You’ll discover that there are several thousand selections to choose from, out of the three basic types of peonies: bush, tree and intersectional. You’ll discover which of the three is best used and where they should be planted to enhance your garden’s appeal.

Care and maintenance is discussed, the history of peonies and where they actually came from. You’ll discover how they’re found all over the world, what varieties, favorite color choices and uses.

You’ll discover the various flower forms, how to stage peonies in your gardens, what the theatre approach is, how long they can live for and how well they survive. You’ll also find out who hates them.

Bloom seasons are discussed and how each type of peony is different. There’s a section that details peony season progressions, what to plant with peonies for blooms all season; there’s a section on soil care, drainage, light, etc. And, you will find a section on pests, diseases, how to care for cut flowers. There’s so much more, but I’ll let you discover this for yourself. I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for  a beautiful flower to plant in your gardens. This book will help!

I give this informative book:


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