THE VIRIDIAN CONVICT, by Sam York, North Star Editions, ARC Review


The Godfather meets Guardians of the Galaxy in this crazy-ass adventure set on Viridian, a prison planet full of aliens…who want to eat you. Tig, the only human, is thrust into a lose/lose/lose situation when the mob boss he works for asks him to pick up and deliver a package that the Fed—the governing body of the known universe—also wants. To make matters worse, the “package” has curves for days, an attitude to match, and her own agenda for how this is all going down.
Available Editions
EDITION Paperback
ISBN 9781635839043
PRICE $14.99 (USD)

Thank you Netgalley and North Star Editions for providing me with this ARC for reading and an honest review.


Holy crap on a cracker! What a freakin awesome book. End of Review!

No, just kidding. But I’m not kidding about the awesome part; it is that in spades. I didn’t know if I’d like this book, to be honest. When I began reading, I was hooked after the first six paragraphs.

I love York’s world building and all the snarky characters, and different rules and factions. How can you not? I absolutely loved the character, Tig, and his development throughout the story. The way the secondary characters helped to push him toward his goals was well played and written. His attitude toward his partner and the surprise discovery at the end… was classically perfect. This book should be read and read and read by all fantasy/science fiction fans. Do not go into the story with any preconceived ideas though, wait and form your own.

Because it’s so different, it’s even more enjoyable with fast paced action, never relenting plot twists and turns and surprises along the way. The ease of reading is perfect; I never got lost nor did I have to re-read anything because it was confusing and I got lost. The settings were perfect and so well done, I felt like I was there witnessing everything first hand.

This book would make a wonderful series and if it does, count me in for being a fan. I hope to see more work by Mr. York, and hopefully that work will include many of the characters from this novel, they rocked it.

The novel at times had a counter-earth feel I found in the series about Gor, a setting created by John Normon; embellished by a similar mind-set felt when reading, John Carter of Mars written by Edgar Rice Burroughs with a final flourish reminiscent of characters found in Guardians of the Galaxy. I would even be bold enough to say there were similar creatures (animated animals) as written by C.S. Lewis, in The Chronicles of Narnia. If you put all these together, that is what you’ll discover in The Viridian Convict.

Sam York is a name to pay attention to!

The cover… eh…

I give this book:


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