THE BACKUP BUNNY, by Abigail Rayner, Greg Stones (Art), Children’s Picture Book




Everyone needs a backup plan when a child loses their favorite toy. In this case it was a stuffed, floppy-eared bunny that forgetful Max couldn’t live without.
What a beautifully well-thought out book. The illustrations added to whimsical feel of the book. I couldn’t stop reading as I turned page after page. How can anyone not love this book?  Every child who sits down with mommy or daddy will want a bunny after reading this book (make sure you are prepared <wink> <wink>.
This book could become a keepsake over time, noted for it’s simple yet endearing story and sweet accompanying illustrations, some that fill entire pages. I would recommend this book to parents who have a child attached to particular toy, blanket or other soothing items they carry around all the time, and especially at night. There are many books out there that address the issue outlined in Rayner’s book, but none are done quite as sweetly as hers.
My thanks to North South Books Inc., and NETGALLEY for allowing me an advanced copy of this book to review in exchange for an honest review!
This book has earned:
825857.nbc-transparent-apple-2014for the Illustrations!

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