IN THE STRICTEST CONFIDENCE, by K. Britt Badman, Author Review


Overview: Your secrets are safe with her, but some secrets are deadly.

Counsellor Francesca ‘Frankie’ Wilson, divorced mother of two, lands her dream job at ASF Technologies. Is she as lucky as she seems? From the very first day things start happening to her — bad things! Who is responsible and why? Could it be one of her clients?

Stephen Lime, who appears to hate women, and is keeping a secret.

Isabelle Toms, a profoundly deaf tester, who feels lonely and isolated, within an organization where no one else can use sign language.

Verity Froom, who dresses like a woman far beyond her years, suffers from ill health, but who refuses to visit a doctor.

David Shaw, who’s young and handsome, but who has just lost his wife to a hit and run driver, and is devastated by grief.

Or is someone else responsible?


This book started off extremely interesting. I love the plot twists, character arcs and mystery tweaks…

The ease of reading was effortless and every scene transitioned nicely. It was full of excellent ideas, story-lines and plot.

Then the ending… It felt like one of those science fictions that keeps you going throughout the entire movie. You’re hooked completely, and on the edge of your seat. Then… BAM! Right between the eyes, you’re struck with the dumbest ending ever.

What happened? Did the author run out of gas? There are two murders (sorry spoilers) hanging out there in no man’s land and nothing… The book is written in a way that there can’t be a sequel, not that I would want any… but come on… really?

The ending needs to be rewritten. If it is to end with a hanging cliffhanger, then do so differently. Arrrrrrrrg!

Okay enough of that. This author can obviously write books and should continue. She has a clear understanding of plot outlines and flow.  I love her voice in this story. She has a specific style that I would enjoy over and over again.

The main character is written well. I can truly believe her to be a real person. She is complex, complicated, educated and very human. Her struggles are precisely described and her fears are realistic.

I enjoyed this story. I give the book:


Losing 1/2 point to a sucky ending… ARRRRRRRRRRG!




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