Paintbrush, by Hannah Bucchin, Book Review, Blaze Publishing LLC



I was sent this book as part of a book subscription box, Once Upon a Young Adult Book Club. This is an interesting book club that sends you current YA novels, along with several numbered and wrapped gifts. As you read the novel, you come to pages where a sticky tells you to open the gift numbered the same. The gifts are items that relate to the story you’re  reading and are suppose to give you a complete overall feel for what is happening within the pages of the book–hopefully, drawing the reader further into the story.

I was suppose to wait until October, but decided since this was my first box with this club, I would open everything, as I read the book now, so that I could include my experience with my review. Later on, I will be adding a section for my review of Book Subscription Boxes and putting my reviews there for clubs I belong to. I will do my best to not spoil things for you, the readers of this blog, but I will be doing my box subscription reviews in greater detail. For now, let’s just say the gifts I received with this book, although beautiful and well thought out, didn’t have to add to my reading enjoyment. The book did that on its own. The gifts were nice too. lol (especially the scarf-omg can it get any prettier????, and the lights, and the flashlight… okay they were all wonderful touches!)

This is one of those books that you can either read it cover to cover in one sitting, or not at all. Happily, Paintbrush fell into the cover to cover pile. I absolutely loved this book! The book I read was in paperback format, its cover just stunning with its use of pastel water colours on a white background. It was a comfortable size (6 x 9).  A gentle read of 304 pages and written by Hannah Bucchin, an author from Bethlehem, PA in the USA.

The Publisher is Blaze Publishing, in Virginia and they’ve put out other books such as: “The Surrender” by Case Maynard; “because I love you”, by Tori Rigby; and, “Shadow Fall” by Audrey Grey – the latter sounding especially interesting… Feel free to check them out!

With the exception of a teeny, tiny mistake found on page 195, this book is perfect. The plot flows wonderfully, the author’s voice is charming and magical. I absolutely loved the character arcs of both Mitchell and Josie. They grow into amazing possibilities that leaves the reader wanting more of them. The next book with these two could read, “Leaving Paintbrush” and I would want to read it.

Setting and secondary characters are well developed but not in excess, just enough to push the Protagonist along to achieving her goals. An interesting look at two very different family dynamics with carefully orchestrated outcomes.  Mitchell is the best supporting character for Josie because they need each other in very different ways, but are not complete without the other.  The author dwells on the time period of a teen coming of age where they must make the next life journey and decisions revolving around it on their own.

Not an ooey gooey book, but enough of a love interest, kept it clean and fun. Spoiler alert . It’s just a good easy read.

I will look for other books by this author, as should you.


I give this book:



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